Naturally Beautiful Wood Fences!

The wood fencing products at Paramount Fence are top notch and cost effective. We offer both pressure treated and cedar wood fencing options in privacy, semi-private and picket fence styles.

Our Wood Fence Options

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Wood Privacy Fences

Shadowbox / Semi-Private Wood Fences

Wood Picket Fences

Wood Split-Rail Fencing

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Watch this video to see one of our teams complete a pressure treated wood privacy fence installation. In this video we are installing an 8-ft tall wood privacy fence however, most wood privacy fences that we install are 6-ft tall. Enjoy.

About Wood Fencing

If you are looking for a new privacy fence or picket fence at a decent price range, then a wood fence may be right for you.

Our wood fences are available in both pressure treated and western red cedar options and have an average lifespan of 10-12 years.

Understanding the difference between pressure treated and cedar wood fencing may play an important role in deciding which option to choose.

Differences Between Pressure Treated & Cedar Wood Fencing:

Pressure Treated

Pressure treated pine is a cost-effective option for your wood fence. It is treated with a solution to help prevent rot, termites, and molding. This also helps extend the lifetime of the wood fence if properly maintained.

The downfall to pressure treated wood is that it is more prone to warping and twisting than cedar wood. This is typically something that cannot be prevented and is not covered under any warranties.

Red Cedar

Our cedar fences are made up of western red cedar wood which is a higher quality wood than pine and has a great natural look and smell. Our cedar wood is not treated with a solution like our pressure treated wood which means it will usually rot a couple years before the pressure treated wood.

Cedar is also less likely to warp and twist when compared to the pressure treated option. If you are looking for a reddish tinted fence that looks natural and adds a great smell to your yard, cedar is the choice for you.

Our Manufacturers

(MMI) Merchants Metals Inc

Merchants Metals Inc. (MMI) is one of the country’s largest fence manufacturers/vendors. We use MMI as the primary vendor for our wood products. The wood products at MMI are also considered “true” and are of much higher quality that what is available at big box stores.

MMI does not offer any product warranty on their wood products. This is common due to the natural potential of warping, splitting and cracking when dealing with wood products.


Master Halco is one of the nation’s largest fence suppliers. We use Master Halco as a secondary supplier for both pressure treated wood and cedar wood products.

Master Halco does not offer any product warranty on wood products. This is common due to the potential of warping, cracking and splitting which naturally occurs when dealing with wood.