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Chain link fencing is cost effective, durable and long lasting. If you are looking for a fence that will secure your yard and protect your family without breaking the bank, a new chain link fence is for you.

Our Chain Link Fences

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About Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing (also called cyclone fencing or metal wire fencing) has been around for many decades and is one of the most cost effective fences available today. This fence, in residential areas, is commonly installed at a height of 4ft tall but is also available at 5ft and 6ft heights as well.

A common concern with chain link fencing is the bottom of the fence being able to flex when dogs push on it, to fix this, we offer a tension wire or bottom rail add-on that secures the bottom of the fence.

Types of chain link fence

Galvanized chain link

Galvanized chain link fencing (also called cyclone fence) is the most common type of chain link fence that you would normally see in a backyard. This is the silver looking chain link fence that you see many places.

In the past, this type of fence was prone to rusting after several years. Today, the galvanizing process has advanced to the point where you will not have to worry about rust for a looooong time.

Vinyl coated chain link

Vinyl coated chain link fencing (also called colored chain link fence) is designed and installed the same as galvanized chain link fencing. The difference is in the finish. All of the posts, rails and fittings are coated (painted) in the color of your choice and the wire/mesh fencing itself is a galvanized core that has a vinyl coating around it.

You do not have to worry about rust with your vinyl coated chain link fence when buying from Paramount Fence.

What to expect when buying our chain link fencing

Chain link fencing is always in stock at Paramount Fence and we can usually get it installed quickly.

If your project requires permit approval from the city, we will first obtain your permit and then place your project on our install schedule. If no permit is needed, your project will be added to the install schedule right away.

In general, chain link fences can be installed within 2-4 weeks during non-peak months and up to 8+ weeks during peak summer months.

Our Manufacturers

(MMI) Merchants Metals Inc.

Merchants Metals Inc. (MMI) is one of the country’s largest fence manufacturers/vendors. We use MMI as our primary supplier for chain link fencing products.

The chain link products that we receive from MMI meet or exceed all industry standards.

All MMI chain link fence products purchased from Paramount Fence include their 15 year product warranty.

Master Halco

Master Halco is another one of the nation’s largest fence product suppliers and our secondary provider of chain link fence materials.

All chain link fences from Master Halco that are purchased from Paramount Fence come with their 12 year product warranty.