Fence Installer

Pay varies based on level of experience

Learn the fencing business – no experience required! Get placed as a laborer on one of our fencing crews and provide a class-leading fence installation experience.


  • Post positioning
  • digging post holes
  • Mixing & pouring cement
  • Setting & leveling posts, making sure posts are set to proper height
  • Building fence panels
  • Stretching chain link
  • Job site cleanup

Foreman Opportunities

$50K-$60K/year – Full-time

Individuals with experience in the fencing industry and customer service can apply for a foreman position to run a fencing crew. In addition to the responsibilities of a laborer, foreman candidates must know how to walk a project with a homeowner, layout the project and prepare it for installation leading a team of laborers, etc. with professional courtesy and quality.

Cedar privacy fence in Birmingham Mi

Paramount Advantages

  • Work all year round
  • Materials are delivered to job site ahead of time
  • Consistent workflow

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